I am a fanatic shopper and have always been on the lookout for new styles that are unique, elegant, and classy. From parties to wedding events I've always tried to find a couture dress, jumpsuit, or outfit that is made from great quality and is unique. I wanted my outfit to stand out and not have everyone else wearing the same style. So, I thought I would put my personal shopping experience to good use. 
    I opened Adorn & Charm LLC to provide a variety of clothing that offers exquisite designs and styles with impeccable quality. At the moment, you will realize we are currently offering the Reema Dahbour Collection, established in 2014, that represents the products we strive to carry in our store. 
    Adorn & Charm LLC is an online store and wholesaler for all the styles we carry on our website to be sold within the USA. If you are interested in carrying the products we offer in your boutique or shop, please contact us at info@adornandcharm.com.